Most people think that romance is dining with candlelight in a romantic restaurant. Maybe it can be true. Such a meal like this will cheer you up only in a moment and you feel yourself like a romantic person. But what will happen when dinner is done? Candlelight goes out, meals are eaten, restaurant closes… Where will romanticism go? All of these are only materials. If you like to dining with candlelight, you probably are not a romantic person. You are materialistic. Too much material is exaggerated. So exaggerated romance is not real romance. The important question is when all external stimulus or materials are gone will two people in a romantic relationship be able to be alone? Will they cheer up without a candle, without a restaurant… Just two of them. Dining with candlelight in a enormous restaurant only an aphrodisiac. It can be add to the romance. But in truth romance is mutual glance. You should get lost in her eyes, in her face… I don’t say that candlelights are bad but not enough. Let’s try to look into her eyes for 15 seconds without ever looking away. It seems like an easy thing but it’s really hard. You can tell everything you feel just by looking. No words, no says… Look speaks. Eyes can that words can’t. Our eyes are more conductive than all our other limbs. It conductives us to others and never lie.  If you succeed in looking each others eyes for a long time while you are sitting in a beach restaurant you are in a romantic relationship, congratulations. You don’t care seascape or the purple color of the sky. Romance is not to escape your eyes. What a pity for those who look for emotion in matter. They are always variable and the light in the eye never goes out.

Whereas romance is in your lovers face.  Romance is taking her face in your hands. A lovely touch with fingertip in your face. Your fingertips run around her face and you memorize everything she has. If they give you a pen and paper you can draw easily. You see it everywhere, in everything. Have you ever thought like that things: The person you like is talking a significant stuff But you can only thinking in your mind; I can’t focus what you are talking about because of to examine your face. It is romantic in deep and the women always looks for deep things.

Not enough, Romance is silence together. who can able to silent together they succes the most important one. Because they share loneliness with each other. Maybe problems don’t go miraculously but make those who have them feel powerful. At least, you know, you are not alone. Always on the other end of the phone line. The thing you never feel alone is the romance.

Romance is while you are sitting at a long table with friends, touching on her shoulder.  That means; I’m here, I’m chatting with others but my mind is on you.

Romance is a car ride. It doesn’t matter where. A road full of lush trees are amazing. Those who can see the miracle in green trees are romantic. But those who only try to reach their destination cannot enjoy road. The most beautiful thing is the road itself.  A romantic person sees the green in trees, smells of nature. Only looking is blind. That blindness is the blindness of the soul. Who is not blind to the soul is romance. Adding meaning to what you look at is romantic.

Romance is to take long walks. You love to walk hand in hand. Sometimes you get spoiled and shake your hands too fast. If your partner laughs at these hands shaking you can be like a child together. Childishing is romance. Because children are not desperate or pessimistic. Children have pure of everything. For this reason being together as a child is being together pure. Pure is romance.

Laughing at the same things is romantic and laughing at him the most…

You don’t need to be a romantic poet or write romantic poetry to feel your partner inself  in romance. Just live it. Since romance is only a feeling; it does not depend on materials, it is more than materials…

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