How to Write a Research Paper ? : Research Paper Outline Template

Bu yazımızda Akademik İngilizce (Academic English) dersinde ‘research paper’  olarak geçen İngilizce araştırma yazılarına ilişkin taslakların (research paper outline) nasıl hazırlanacağına dair bir şablon (research paper outline template) ve bu ilişkin bir örnek sunacağım. Akademik İngilizce derslerinde faydalı olması dileğiyle iyi okumalar.

#1 Thesis Statement

The Roman Empire is so important for European countries that its impact on modern administration and law system can still be witnessed and the decline of this huge empire has shaped today’s European political and social system. Therefore it is critical to identify the factors (which can be classified as political-social, military, and economic) behind the fall of the Roman Empire. 

#2 The Arguments of The Research Paper

a) The first strong argument

The first group of reasons is political-social factors. Reaching maximum borders, administering various nations with different cultures, migration of tribes due to Hun attacks, fights for the throne, the spread of Christianity, Byzantine Empires’ (East Roman Empire) separate policies are the main factors behind the fall of the Roman Empire. 

b) The second strong argument

Raids of the barbarian tributes and pirates on the sea, diminishing gold sources, rising inflation, and taxes with deteriorating agriculture have adversely affected the Roman economy. Deterioration of the economy has accelerated the fall process. 

c) The third strong argument 

The Roman empire owes its hegemony and success to its army and military system. Loss of military discipline, commanders’ dealing with political issues and pursuing political goals, employing mercenary soldiers, strategic and technical decline have led to military failures and contributed to the fall. 

#3 Primary sources to be used in this project in APA Format

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