Essay Outline and Thesis Statement: What are Preference Factors Affecting the Tendencies of Consumer

Bugün sizler ile hem İngilizce hazırlık eğitimi hem de fakülte içinde Akademik İngilizce 101 dersi alan arkadaşlara fikir oluşturmak adına bir essay outline (yazı taslağı) ve thesis statement (ana fikir) örneği paylaşıyorum. Keyifli okumalar! 

#1 Topic

There are several reasons why people tend to eat organic food more than fast food these days.

#2 Introduction

General Statement: Consuming organic food is a  kind of new eating habit that has increased gradually nowadays.

Thesis Statement: There are different kinds of reasons that affect this case such as modern people having more information about the benefits of consuming organic food and making publicity in marketing for consumers and giving advice for health.

#3 Body

Body 1

Topic Sentence: The most basic cause of the situation is more knowledge about organic food.

Major Support 1: Awareness of protecting healthy life.


Minor support 1: To have high nutritional value.

Minor support 2: Food security.

Major Support 2: Awareness of conservation to natural life.

Minor support 1: No change in genetic of natural products.

Minor support 2: To increase the quality of farmland.

Body 2

Topic Sentence: The second most important reason is raising in the promotion of organic foods in recent years.

Major Support 1: Advertisements and media.


Minor support 1: To focus on the use of "organic" words when advertising refers to product features.

Minor support 2: Too many tv programs about 'organic food'.

Major Support 2: Advice from doctors and providers of other health officials.

Minor support 1: When people are sick doctors tell them to eat organic food.

#4 Conclusion

To sum up, organic food is a growing eating habit in the 21st century and the case is affected by some factors that are growing awareness and promotions made.

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