An Honest Guide: How To Lose Your Friends

How good are you with your friends? Are you planning to stay friends with them for the rest of your life? If not, here is a perfect guide for you! 

#1 Here We Go…

#Rule Number 1

Don’t be happy for them when something good happens for them. 

#Rule Number 2

Don’t respect their ideas. Find them stupid. 

#Rule Number 3

Don’t listen to them, don’t pay attention to what they say. 

#Rule Number 4

Consider yourself right and them wrong in every argument. 

#Rule Number 5

Take everything personal they say and do. 

#Rule Number 6

Find their problems boring. 

#Rule Number 7

Be jealous when they are happy. 

#Rule Number 8

Keep complaining about your life to them and believe they have to pay attention every time. 

#Rule Number 9

Only call them when you need them. 

#Rule Number 10

Think that they always have to help you. 

#Rule Number 11

Never keep their secrets. 

#Rule Number 12

Keep criticizing them “for their own good”.

#Rule Number 13

Never forgive their mistakes and always talk about them. 


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